DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture SupportWay too many FPS to be usable + firmware update / serial problem
Pascal asked 3 years ago


Please help I can’t use your product for my projects because I need a real SD framerate (20 to 30 FPS) 25 is perfect for me.

I ordered an advanced emulator because I need above all the “-fps” option of the raspivid utility.

(Also why you use non-standard 640×480 ? The Full-D1 analog format is 720×576 + There is too many crop on top of the picture:( )

I can’t update the firmware because your Python can’t detect the /dev/serial0 tested on raspberry pi 2 and 3 !!!! My serial0 port work on all board, I disabled the console and tested with many app. The Python script is strange I can’t choose any custom serial device.
I do advanced UAV and robotics project and I need to use very sensitive (astro) analog SD camera (working demo = https://www.serveurperso.com/?page=robot) way better than the small CMOS PI camera.

Please help.

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mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

Pascal,  you sent the same question by email and we have already replied that way.
The PiCapture products pass the video data to the Raspberry Pi GPU at the same framerate that is received. It can then be processed within the Raspberry Pi as you wish. I’m afraid I don’t understand the framerate question you are asking. What is the framerate of the incoming video stream?
Because the PiCapture boards work by emulating the Raspberry Pi Camera, the resolution is set to match the available “camera modes”. The standard definition version is mapped to “Mode 6” video from the RPi camera, which is 640×480.
You currently have the latest firmware in your PiCapture SD1, and so there is no need or benefit to a different firmware version. The most likely issue with serial communication is that your Raspberry Pi is using the serial port for console I/O. If you wish to communicate using Serial, you would need to disable the serial console. The process for this depends upon the version of software that you are running on your RPi.

PascalWay too many FPS to be usable + firmware update / serial problem