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Manu asked 2 years ago

I’ve been trying to update the Video Processor due to the issues that I have with the hardware. The issues that I have are,

  • The video output that I get from PiCapture has an orange / reddish tint
  • The video output has a lot of noise / artifacts
  • The video output has a black bar or the image is split in the middle when using OpenCV, as well as having an orange / red tint.

I’ve checked the camera, when it’s connected straight to the monitor, the video is perfect with no artifacts or colour issues. I’ve tried swapping out the HDMI cable as well, and experienced no improvement. I’ve tried changing the Raspberry Pi and using another PiCapture HD1 (ver2.0) and still had these issues.
I don’t experience any of these issues with the default Raspberry Pi Camera module (without the PiCapture) and everything works perfectly. So these issues I’m experiencing are inherently with the PiCapture boards.
Hence, I’ve decided to try to update the Video Processor to hopefully fix the issues that I’m having. However, with the pins in the correct vertical position, and with the serial enabled I’m not able to establish the connection through the serial port. I went through the steps of disabling the bluetooth and enabling uart in the /boot/config.txt, as well as disabling console (and enabling serial) in the raspi-config settings. I’ve also made sure to go into /boot/cndline.txt and checking if the console is enabled, and it’s not.
I believe the serial is working fine, but when I try to ‘pivideo –port serial’ it hangs.
Hence, I’m wondering what else I can do…
Raspbian ver. is 10.
Raspberry Pi 3 B
PiCapture HD1 v2.0 03-16-2017

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

From your description of the issue, there is no reason to update the PiCapture firmware.  The most likely root cause of the problem is that you are not configuring the “camera mode” properly in your software.
Have you been able to use Raspivid successfully?  If so, then it must be an OpenCV configuration issue.  If not, please provide the complete raspivid command that you are using, a description of the source video (1080p?), and the output of “pivideo -q all -v”.

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