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Paul Corke asked 2 years ago

I’ve installed a “PiCapture SD1 v2.0” to a “Raspberry Pi Model 3 B v1.2” board.  As far as I can see it is installed properly (the ribbon cable appears to be seated and fastened correctly, and the 40-pin header is hard to get wrong).  The jumpers are as default (i2c1).  I’m using the official UK PSU and not getting any throttling or under-voltage warnings.
I’ve installed the pivideo software and enabled both the camera and i2c in raspi-config, checked the settings in boot/config.txt and rebooted.
I have a PAL SD source on a phono connector which I’ve connected in to the Green (CVBS-1) socket on the SD1 board.  I’ve checked that the source is good by plugging it in to a TV (an old CRT).  The SD1 does not appear to be detecting the source (i.e. the blue light does not come on).
I’ve tried a different source (which also works on the TV) to no avail.  I’ve tried forcing the source to be “video1” (and also 2 and 3) but it makes no difference.  I also tried plugging the cable in to the other two sockets and I don’t have an S-video source to test with.
When I power up the system, the following happens on the SD1 board: Orange and blue lights flash together once.  Orange, blue and green lights flash three times. The green light continues to flash.
If I select the input with “pivideo -s video1” the red light flashes followed by the orange light and the green light goes steady.
If I select auto with “pivideo -s auto” the orange light comes on for a second and the green light goes back to flashing.
If I query the device I get:

$pivideo --query all
PiCapture SD1 is ready
No active video detected
Selected video source is:  auto
Active video source is:  video1
Raspberry Pi camera port is not active
Video processor firmware version:  05
If I query the camera status of the GPU I get:
$vcgencmd get_camera
supported=1 detected=1
If I try to use raspivid to see the video, using the command in the instructions, the red light comes on for a few seconds and raspivid exits without showing anything:  I assume this is expected because the card has not detected a video signal.
I’m sure there’s something simple I’m missing but I can’t work out what!  Do you have any suggestions for what else I can try?
Many Thanks,

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

You are correct that if the blue light does not come on then you won’t be able to do anything with Raspivid.  If you try, you may get an “MMAL” error that requires that the RPi be rebooted.
According to PiVideo as well, the SD1 is not seeing a good video.  One thing to check is that the video source you are using is truly sending standard resolution interlaced PAL video (625 lines).  Some cameras use “PAL encoding” but operate at non-standard resolutions.  Many televisions can handle these non-standard resolutions and so you would see video.
This is just a guess about what is causing the issue, but If you could provide a link to the specifications for the video source device it would help.  Have you tried a different source?

Paul CorkeSD1 not detecting video