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John Lazarus asked 3 years ago

I’m using uv4l to stream from pi – streams with image surrounded by area of static. Tried to toggle cable, no help. all seems ok – unable to check raspivid because of headerless pi I suspect
Also the colours are wrong – too much red – lots of people seems to complain about this
Blue light ok
pivideo -q all
PiCapture SD1 is ready
Active video: Mode 6
Selected video source is: auto
Active video source is: video1
Raspberry Pi camera port is not active
Video processor firmware version: 05
Not possible to upload image of the static as the image insert on the website not working – wants a source, but no way of browsing to file.

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

It is almost certainly a mismatch between the “camera mode” setting for UV4L. You can create a similar effect with raspivid, and also use raspvid to verify that the SD1 is working properly.

If the software on the RPi is expecting a higher resolution image than you are getting from the PiCapture, it just returns whatever junk happens to be in the GPU video buffers. Please make sure that the UV4L settings match “mode 6” (640×480) video.

John LazarusSD1 colour and image surrounded by static