DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture SupportRe SD1 not detecting video
Paul Corke asked 2 years ago

Output as requested below:
$ pivideo -q all -v
PiVideo Version 1.13
Port used for video processor is: i2c1
PiCapture SD1 is ready
No active video detected
Selected video source is: auto
Active video source is: video1
Raspberry Pi camera port is not active
Video processor firmware version: 05-050000
Video processor hardware id: 0000000000000000

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

It appears that you have a problem with your PiCapture board.  I attempted to email you using the address you provided when registering, but the email could not be delivered.   Please contact us by email at “contact@lintestsystems.com” with your order number for warranty service.

Paul CorkeRe SD1 not detecting video