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Paul Corke asked 2 years ago

I’m sorry that you got my question twice but I didn’t receive your email.
There isn’t really an adapter between the Alba DVD player and the Picapture – it’s just a straight through cable which has a SCART connector on one end, and a phono on the other end directly connected to pins 17 & 19 of the SCART (CV Ground and CV Out).  There’s no circuitry or even passive components involved.  I can use the same cable to connect the player to a TV so I don’t think it’s the cable. The resistance of the cable itself (unplugged) is < 1 ohm on ground, 1.5 ohm on the signal. With the pi turned off and the cable connected to the picapture only, the impedance between ground and signal is 76.7 ohm (+/- 1.2%) so that looks ok to me – there shouldn’t be any problem with the levels assuming the DVD player is putting out a good signal.
The colourbar generator is just an unbranded generic one which has a phono output and a PAL/NTSC switch. I connected this with a simple phono to phono cable. I tried the generator on a CRT TV with the same cable and it works ok (the NTSC setting is in greyscale as expected).  I also tried the generator into a modern LCD TV – this time with a SCART connector wired the other way 17 & 20 (CV Ground and CV in) and both signals show on the TV.
I have also connected a Panasonic Blueray player which has a Phono connector CV output and which works on the CRT TV but no blue light on the picapture.  The manual for this (model DMP-BD75) says that the video output is 1.0v p-p on 75 ohm impedance but it does mention copyguard protection, so maybe that’s throwing it off.
I’ve also tried an old Panasonic VCR (NV-FJ630) and that gives the same result of working on both TVs but no blue light on the picapture.
I’ve also tried a Nintendo WII which is generating a 480p component output.  It is using the cable provided with the unit and it works with the LCD TV (I don’t have any way of connecting it to the CRT).  Connecting it to the picapture doesn’t give a blue light, even if I force it with “pivideo -s component”.
I think I’ve now run out of sources!
I tried running your “pivideo -q all -v” command, and one line looks strange:
Video processor hardware id:  0000000000000000
Is that right?

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

The email was mostly about checking the adapter to make sure that it was “SCART out” and not “in”, but it seems that you have covered that!
it is possible that there is a problem with the PiCapture board.  Could you please send the complete results of “pivideo -q all -v” either through this forum or by email?  If this doesn’t provide any additional clues we will need to arrange for return/replacement.

Paul CorkeRe SD1 not detecting video