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Paul Corke asked 2 years ago

Further to my previous question, I was using an Alba DVD player model CDVD2251N which seems to be based on a Mediatek MT1389DE chipset.  I would expect this to output a standard PAL 625 line (576i) signal.  This is using a SCART to phono cable.
I also tried it with the output from a TVOne C2-1T-150 video processor.
I have now also tried it with a colourbar generator in both PAL and NTSC modes and neither of those will turn on the blue light either.
Is it worth me trying a firmware upgrade?

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

You can see the current firmware version using the PiVideo software with the verbose flag:  “pivideo -q all -v”.
It is extremely unlikely that differences in the firmware versions would have anything to do with what you are seeing.
As I replied to your email, the most likely issue with the Alba source is the SCART interface and adapter, although it could be something else.   
If it isn’t working with your colorbar generator, please provide the details about that device and the interface you are using.

Paul CorkeRe SD1 not detecting video