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Sandeep S Nair asked 4 years ago

So we are doing a project on pothole detection and mapping using video processing. we install the device in a car such that when the car starts the device starts recording video using pi cam and when a disturbance is detected it should process the frame and confirms if it is a pothole or a manhole.
i dont think doing this process in Raspberry pi 3 is possible 
how can we utilize pi capture by adding it to our device. will it be helpful in this project.
can it make the video processing more faster and more real time.
is it available in india

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mwlinder Staff answered 4 years ago

The PiCapture products emulate the Raspberry Pi Camera. All processing of the captured video is performed within the Raspberry Pi, but because the data is acquired through the MIPI-2 CSI camera interface the full capabilities of the Raspberry Pi GPU are available. I would suggest looking at the OpenCV package for the best support for image recognition and processing: OpenCV

The PiCapture products are available through our website (when in stock!), or through one of our distributors.

Sandeep S NairPothole detection using raspberry pi3 , pi cam & pi capture's role in it