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Charlotte asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am facing the same problem as this and this posts.

  1. I activated serial port, disabled serial console. Put jumpers on UART following the instruction. Mounted HD1 on Pi on the 40pins, and connected the camera ribbon correctly. HD1 has been getting input from a Mac computer, it has blue LED lighting and all green LED on except 0 that’s flashing.
    1. pivideo -q all  gives:
      port selected: i2c1
      Video Processor was not found – please check your jumpers and settings
      Video processor not found
    2. vcgencmd get_camera gives detected=0
    3. raspivid gives MMAL error
  2. I activated I2C interface, moved the jumpers, disabled serial, and ran the commands again. Got the same errors.

I thought serial/I2C are for communication, and not required to use raspivid or raspistill. Could you tell me if there is there anything I’m missing? How can I make Raspberry Pi detect the camera?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

It seems that you are dealing with two separate problems:

  1. Communication using PiVideo:  you said you activated the serial port, but you are apparently trying to communicate with the I2C interface.  Have you used raspi-config to enable I2C?
  2. MMAL error:  You are correct that PiCapture will work without any communication active.  Please check that the FFC (thin ribbon cable) is connected properly to the camera port on the Raspberry Pi.  The most likely explanation for the camera to not be detected is that ribbon cable is not connected.  Also, once you receive an MMAL error you will need to re-boot your RPi – the GPU doesn’t recover well from these errors, and the only reliable solution is to restart.  If the blue light is lit then the PiCapture board is seeing good video.
CharlottePiVideo not finding video processor (HD1)