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Mathieu asked 3 years ago


I am facing the same issue as the below one:

pivideo cannot detect the processor :

$ pivideo -p i2c0
Video Processor was not found – please check your jumpers and settings
Port not available – make sure it is enabled

The card is able to detect the video signal as the blue led is OK and also the 4 leds are green, showing that it detect the 1080p signal.

I can get a video signal by using raspivid but the video looks garbage lines and does not get the proper image.
I tested i2c0 and i2c1, but i am getting the same bad results.

Does any one face the same problem and get the solution ?

Thanks and regards

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mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

It seems that you have two different issues.

  1. for the bad image, please double check your raspivid settings to make sure that you are selecting the “camera mode” that matches the video format.  PiVideo is not necessary to capture video.
  2. for the communications problem, it appears that you may not have enabled I2C on your Raspberry Pi, perhaps you are using a recent version that uses I2C0 for board identification, or maybe you have some other conflict.  Does I2C1 give the exact same error message?  The “Port not available” message indicates a problem on the Raspberry Pi side.
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