DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture Supportpicapture sd1 no color, strange cropping and flickering
andrei jay asked 2 years ago

I am testing my picapture sd1 using the commands as in the documentation and I am seeing that basically no color is coming through, the capture is flickering unpleasantly and that a good chunk of the top and bottom of the capture are just missing.  this is so far off from the examples I have seen that I can’t believe it.  I have tested so far in jessie, stretch, and buster versions of raspbian and the quality is the same in each.  

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

It may be an issue with your video source.   There are a wide range of standard definition video formats, and the PiCapture SD1 requires conventional NTSC or PAL video.  As a starting point for understanding the issue, it may be helpful to try an alternate video source.   Because the RPi expects 640×480 video frames, there will be some clipping especially for PAL sources.  If you do not have success, please provide details about your source device and examples of the captured frame.  The best email for support is:  contact@lintestsystems.com

andrei jaypicapture sd1 no color, strange cropping and flickering