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Odon Stéphane asked 2 years ago

I’m interested about your PiCapture SD1 product.
I’m working on project for a gaming association where we specificaly ne to hook up Nintendo NES consoles with NTSC/PAL AV source to a computer and do some real time image processing.
I would like to know if your solution can grab and output NTSC 60fps and PAL 50fps to a raspberry pi. For this project it is important that the input / output fps keep the same. 
I’m not very used to raspberry will i have to code my video processing application in “python” or can it be into C/C++ (performance issues) ?
i could buy 1 card first, and if the “proof of concept” is valid i could be interested by a dozen of your card..
Stéphane (FRA)

Odon StéphanePiCapture SD1 composite capture