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Roque CANALES asked 2 years ago

Hello, Please send me previous picapturehd1 firmwares.
It seems that old one work better for our application.
Last ordered boards (+10) over 2019 has version 7 firmware.
Could you please send us previous and latest firmwares for we test?
our email:
Kind regards.

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

The HD1 firmware has been at version 7 since shortly after launch.  If you have a very early version that seems to be performing differently, please send the output of the command “pvideo -q all -v” from the early version and a description of the differences you are seeing to contact@lintestsystems.com and we will work to help resolve your problem.

Roque CANALESpicapture firmware request