DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture SupportPicapture card seems to lock up after one command run.
Tom Strauch asked 3 years ago

raspistill -md 7 -n -awb sun -t 30000 -tl 2000 -o image%03d.jpg
works great one time. Then next time I run it I get;
mmal: mmal_vc_component_enable: failed to enable component: ENOSPC
mmal: camera component couldn’t be enabled
mmal: main: Failed to create camera component
mmal: Failed to run camera app. Please check for firmware updates
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ pivideo -q all
Video Processor was not found – please check your jumpers and settings
Video processor communication error
I have to power off the Pi then the command will work once again but as soon as the last image is done and the command prompt come back, I have to power off the Pi again to get the command to work again.
The “happy” lights are good but the error keeps happening until I power reset the Pi.

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

This seems that it may be a raspistill issue rather than a PiCapture issue.  The camera mode should match the mode reported by PiVideo – is there a reason that you are using mode 7 rather than mode 6?  I’m not sure that it would matter, but not typical.
In general, once you receive an MMAL error the RPi must be rebooted for things to work again.  This is because the camera driver does not seem to recover from errors. and so once it gets confused the only way to recover is to reload the driver.
Could you please show the output of pivideo -q all before trying raspistill?
The next thing to try might be to remove some of the raspistill options to see if this issue can be recreated with a simpler command.

Tom StrauchPicapture card seems to lock up after one command run.