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andrei jay asked 2 years ago

hello i have been testing out the picapture sd1 and have noticed that the composite video quality i am seeing is very much not like anything that appears on the demos on your website.  the colors are almost completely gone in what i’m capturing and if i increase saturation on the camera input it pretty much just makes everything monochrome purple and there is some color flickering from purple to no color and back.  i’m using a pi 3b and using camera sensor mode 7 and have tested all of the composite rca inputs and the s-video input.  if you can help me figure out how to get a high quality sd video capture on this i will definitely be purchasing more cards.  

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mwlinder Staff answered 2 years ago

It would be helpful to know if you are using all of the recommended settings for Raspivid, and what type of source you are using.  An example capture would also be useful to understand what might be happening.   You can send any examples to contact@lintestsystems.com.

andrei jaypi capture sd1 displaying very low quality video