marek asked 4 years ago

We are running an rpi 2 with latest raspbian and uv4l drivers. Got it wokring with pi cam, no luck with your HD1.
When running “pivideo -q all”, I get:

  • picapture hd1 is ready
  • no active video detected
  • selected video source is: auto
  • active video source is: component
  • raspberry pi camera port is active
  • frame skip is on
  • video processor software version: 84C103

my uv4l config looks as following (tried all kinds of things):

  • width = 640
  • height = 480
  • framerate = 30

This resolution is detected by my laptop (when set to mirror displays and used as composite input source for hd1).
uv4l log shows:

  • starting lsb userspace camera driver
  • warning driver raspicam not found
  • dial raspicam v4l2 driver v1.9.48
  • detected camera ov5647
  • slected format 640×480, encoding mjpeg, jpeg video capture
  • framerate 3- fps
  • device detected!
  • registering device node /dev/uv4l
  • started LSB: userspace camera driver


1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 4 years ago

If the “blue LED” is not on, then there is no supported video format being received.  Please make sure that your video source is supplying a signal in a supported format:  480p, 720p, or 1080p.  You do not describe the video source you are using, but it seems that it must not be supplying the correct video format.
I would also suggest that you begin by using raspivid to display the captured video, before moving on to uv4l or any unique software.  

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