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kyle asked 2 years ago

I have a PiCapture SD1 connected to a RPi 3B+ and a FLIR Boson thermal camera.  The Boson is connected to the RPi via USB-A (for power) and a composite video cable (with BNC connector plus male RCA adapter) to the green Y connector on the PiCapture. I have also correctly attached the CSI-2 ribbon to the RPi and PiCapture.
Problem: I get no blue LED telling me the camera is connected. I have a lit green LED0 and green flashing LED1. 
I have enabled the camera and I2C in Raspi config and rebooted.  The jumper on the PiCapture is selected for i2c1.  I have installed pivideo, and set pivideo -p i2c1
When I do a query, I get the output below.  The orange LED flashes a few times when I set pivideo -s component or pivideo -s video3
PiVideo version 1.13
Port used for video processor is i2c1
PiCapture SD1 is ready
No active video detected
Selected video source is video3
Active video source is video3
Raspberry Pi camera port is not active
Video processor firmware version 07-07811E
Video processor hardware id CC3056...etc
I have shifted the composite video cable around and changed the -s option but have not gotten the blue LED showing the video is connected.  I did try a video recording raspivid -md 6 -awb auto -ex off -o test.h264 which wrote to a five-second file, but I only recorded the Lintest rainbow colour test screen.
I would appreciate any advice for getting this Boson connected.

kyleNo active video detected SD1