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Jan-Erik Stromberg asked 3 years ago

I have a factory new HD1 board and a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Before installing the HD1, I double-checked the RPi Settings (in particular the Camera Port) by plugging in a standard RPi Camera Module v2 into the Camera Port. The RPi Camera Module v2 was found working perfectly fine and I could preview its image using both Python and Linux commands.
After that I removed the RPi Camera Module and installed the HD1. I plugged in an analogue component source to the three RCA jacks (red, blue and green). The analogue component source had previously been checked with a standard monitor with component inputs. After powering up the system (consisting of one RPi 3B+ and one HD1 only) I first noticed that the blue LED (RDY) did not turn on (after its initial brief indication immediately after applying power). Nor did the flashing of the LED3..0 make much sense with respect to the user guide.

When I tried the raspivid command line as proposed in the HD1 user guide, nothing happened (no preview), except for the LED marked ACTIVE on the HD1 turning red until the command terminated.

I then installed the pivideo software to find out what was going on inside the HD1. I issued the command

pivideo -q all -v

giving the response (skipping a few irrelevant lines of the response)

PiVideo version 1.13
PiCaptue HD1 is ready
No active video detected
Selected video source is: auto
Active video source is: component
Rapberry Pi camera port is not active
Video processor firmware version: 05-85C103

1. Why do the HD1 board think that the camera port is inactive when it is in fact enabled?
2. Why do the HD1 board say that no video is detected when it do discover that a component video source is available? Or is that just a coincidence?
In an attempt to prepare for installing a new firmware on the HD1, I changed the communication jumpers on the HD1 for UART communication, enabled the Serial Port on the RPi 3B+, and disabled the Serial Console.

I then issued the proposed command

pivideo -p serial -q all

which failed in the sense that the response was

Video Processor was not found…

3. How do I make the serial communication with the HD1 work on the RPi 3B+? Shall I specify an “address” to the “-a” parameter?
4. Is it worthwhile trying to update the HD1 firmware?

Jan-Erik StrombergInstallation problems HD1