François Morlet asked 3 years ago

Hi I’m trying to do some image processing on images captured from picapture
Do you know of anything that could be set to avoid some of the denoise, shading postprocessing ?
Here is an example on same camera similar scene, with picapture: normal and thresholded, and with usb capture: normal and thresholded

the pi/picapture one has green tint, blurrier, and strong intensity variations in the corners
the last one is the most problematic and i guess it might have something to do with lens shading ( ? would it possible to have an option to disable some of this in pivideo ?
Kind regards,
François Morlet

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

We have not worked with some of MMAL changes that you reference, but there could be some settings changes that may help with these issues. If you could send the details of what you are using to capture the images (raspicam/raspivid, other?) and the specific settings we will be glad to help. If email is easier you can use

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