DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiVideoHow do I control or query PiCapture through software?
mwlinder Staff asked 5 years ago

What tools are provided for software control?

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mwlinder Staff answered 5 years ago

The PiVideo software is our current solution for communications with the PiCapture boards.  It is Python based, and consists of two parts:

  • pivideo.py   (the command-line program)
  • pivideo_class.py   (the library of interface routines which is used by the command line program, but is also useable by your software)

Using Python, you can communicate with PiCapture with a few lines of code:
Import pivideo_class                                     (import the class)
vid=pivideo_class.PiVideo()                          (create the object)
vid.pivideo_port=”i2c1”                                 (specify the port to use, matching the jumpers)
pivideo_port=vid.open                                  (open communications)
Now, you can use the “vid” object for whatever information you need, such as:
In this case “mode” represents the camera mode for detected video, or zero if no video.  This call can be repeated to detect when there is a mode change or loss of video.
All of the information that you get when issuing the command “pivideo -q all -v” is available through the python class. 
We suggest referring to pivideo.py to see how to use pivideo_class.py.

How do I control or query PiCapture through software?