david M Ibbotson asked 4 years ago

I am using an sd1 with a component input to my raspberry pi 3. With no luck of video streaming.  Any obvious things to look for after the manual settings.  I just can’t get an image to show.  Thank you!

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mwlinder Staff answered 4 years ago

I will be glad to help you get things going, but will need some additional information. Please refer to the documentation page for a description of the PiVideo control software, and the meanings of the LEDs on the PiCapture board. The first step is to make sure that you have a good video source that is recognized by the PiCapture board. Are you certain that you have an interlaced 480i component video source connected? It might be best to begin with a composite or SVideo source if you can. When you have a good source the LEDs should indicate that the video is locked – what are they doing?

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