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Andrew asked 5 years ago

I’m trying to use Picapture for frame by frame video analysis. It seems that deinterlacing algorithm used in Picapture is not optimal for this purpose. I get a lot of duplications of every frame that leads to very unclear picture. By grabbing video with USB converter and doing deinterlacing in software I get good results with linear method.
What deinterlacing method do you implement in Picamera? Is it possible to change hardware deinterlacing mode? If not,  show me the way to switch it off completely in Picapture, so I can do deinterlacing in software?

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mwlinder Staff answered 5 years ago

The SD1 deinterlacing is straightforward:  It buffers both the odd lines and the even lines in RAM memory, and then transmits one complete frame of data to the Raspberry Pi through the camera interface.
I believe that what you are seeing is a result of what happens after the data is received by the GPU in the Raspberry Pi.  For example, if frames of data are requested from the GPU at a rate greater than they are received, frames will be duplicated to produce video at the requested rate.  Depending upon the source material and the application you are using for the camera interface video capture there are several things that may be done for this – if you email some examples we would be glad to help you work through it.

AndrewDeinterlacing problem