mwlinder Staff asked 5 years ago

What color settings should be used?

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mwlinder Staff answered 5 years ago

There are several Raspicam settings (or their equivalent with other software) that you should consider using with PiCapture:
-ex off    
Exposure Control.  This is important to keep the camera driver from continually trying to adjust the exposure settings when there are scene changes in the video
-awb off
Automatic White Balance.  Like exposure control, it is helpful to turn AWB off to avoid a “flicker” effect as the camera driver attempts to deal with scene changes
-awbg 1.0,1.0
White balance gain.  These settings adjust the levels of Red and Blue, relative to Green (which is always 1.0).  This can be helpful to “tune” the colors in captured video.  For example, with some sources we have observed that the “reds” may appear to be a “magenta” color, which can be corrected by reducing the Blue relative to the Red gains.
-br 40
Especially with some HDMI sources, reducing the brightness setting may give you more balanced video.

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