DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture SupportCan't get 1080p or 720p to work over component inputs
Njål Borch asked 4 years ago

Hi, we have a camera system for a drone that provides an HD signal over component cables. When plugged into a TV set, it displays fine, both 1080p and 720p. The HD1 capture board does however not get a lock on any of the modes, and manually setting the input mode turns on the red activity light, but no data appears to be delivered. Do you have any tips for us? 
I’ve also had issues using HDMI with a GoPro Hero 5 black, where the camera flickers on and off. A Hero 3 delivers pefectly stable 1080p.

mwlinder Staff replied 4 years ago

We would be glad to try to help resolve this. If you could please tell us what LEDs are lit on the board and send the results of a “query all” using PiVideo we can understand the current settings:
pivideo -q all -v

Njål BorchCan't get 1080p or 720p to work over component inputs