Paul asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone at Lintest,
I’m excited about your Picapture HD 1 product. Now I’m wondering whether I can not only capture video but also audio signals when connecting an external camera via HDMI. Is this possible? If not, can this be achieved by combining the Picapture HD 1 with an external USB-audio-interface? If so, do you have any experience with that (e.g. latency, synchronising audio and video). I’m looking into options of using your device to first capture video and audio and then stream it live to an external audience via a streaming server solution such as Wowza streaming engine / an RTMP workflow.

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mwlinder Staff answered 5 years ago

Thank you for your interest in PiCapture.
At this time, we do not support capturing audio received through the HDMI interface.  We have made provision for extracting the audio data, but there is not a straightforward way to get it into the Raspberry Pi from our board.
A USB audio interface is a good way to go.  I have used this and didn’t notice a synchronization problem, but didn’t take any measurements.  Any difference in latency should be constant so it can be adjusted.
Any of the software that works with the Raspberry Pi camera should be just fine with PiCapture.   My experiments last year were with UV4L.