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Sam asked 4 years ago

Hello there, 
If I am wanting to use the analog ports rather than the HDMI port, are there any specific configurations with the PiCapture that I have to do for it to work? As of now, I am using a DVI to Analog converter (YPbPr), but when I plug it in, the PiCapture is not even recognizing it (the blue LED does not come on). 

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mwlinder Staff answered 4 years ago

The first thing to check is the resolution of the video signal to make sure that it is one of the supported formats (480p, 720p, or 1080p).  Second, make sure that the source selection for PiCapture is either set to auto or to component.  If you are sure that the resolution and source settings are correct, there may be an issue with the converter – if you could send a link to the specifications we would be glad to take a look.

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