DWQA QuestionsCategory: PiCapture Support1080p input and camera function disablement
Charlie Cook asked 3 years ago

We are setting up an FFMPEG stream using the PiCapture HD1 as its source.  PiCapture is bound to the video0 source and we are using V4L2 in order to manipulate in source in FFMPEG.
We are having 2 issues.  First, any 1080 format is displaying with some crazy looking interlacing lines and overall unreadable picture.  This is true when capturing stills or capturing video files (raspistill and raspivid).  I am using a framerate converter to try different source types (1080i5994, 1080p30, 1080p25) and they all have the same results.   However, converting the signal to 720p will result in a clean video.
Secondly, we are trying to just pass the raw video without any processing through the board.  Currently, we are having to manipulate the source using the V4L2 camera controls as if the signal was actually a camera is ISO, iris, white balance, and exposure settings.  We are getting some very distorted colors which need to be corrected afterwards with only marginal success.  
Do you have any suggestions on how to fix either of these two issues?  Thank you.

Charlie Cook1080p input and camera function disablement