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Brian Bernard asked 3 years ago

We have a PiCapture HD1 and are attempting to rotate a 1080p stream 180 degrees. When attempting the rotation using v4l2 or PiCamera python libraries, the 90 degree rotation rotates, but the image is mirrored. Using 180 degree rotation results in colors being inverted, no rotation.
Any suggestions on how to approach this?

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mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

The PiCapture board does not do anything different in these cases. Have you tried using a standard Raspberry Pi camera to see if it has the same issue with the software you are using? This is probably the next best step to understand what is happening. It could be an issue with the libraries you are using, or else it is because they are using a capability of the camera that is not emulated on the PiCapture board.

Brian Bernard1080p HDMI input rotation