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Ehsan Poorsamany asked 3 years ago

I can capture the videoinput through the component jacks with 1080p 60fps. But it doesn’t work when I change the videoinput to 1080p 25fps or 30fps. No blue light! My question is why doesn’t it work? Does the Picapture HD1 not support 1080p 25fps or 30fps?

1 Answers
mwlinder Staff answered 3 years ago

The HD1 should work fine with 30fps video.  Could you please check the status using the PiVideo software (pivideo -q all -v)?
Is it possible that you are changing something other than the framerate as well?  Are you able to use HDMI at that framerate?

Ehsan Poorsamany1080p-25fps-or-30fps-on-picapture-hd1