PiCapture SD1


Standard definition, low latency video capture solution for the Raspberry Pi.

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Product Description

PiCapture is a unique video capture solution that enables all of the video processing capability of the Raspberry Pi Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).   Click here for example videos

PiCapture SD1 captures standard-definition interlaced video in the CVBS standard (NTSC/PAL) from Composite, S-Video, and YPbPr Component sources as 640×480 video.

By using the Raspberry Pi CSI-2 camera interface and providing complete camera emulation, all of the video encoding and management capabilities of the Raspberry Pi are usable with any compatible video source. In addition, applications that require large amounts of Raspberry Pi resources (e.g. real-time image processing) are now enabled since USB capture devices are not required.

Example video captured with the PiCapture SD1:

More example videos captured with the PiCapture SD1

 PiCapture SD1 Specifications 


Compatibility Raspberry Pi 1 A+,B+ Requires 40 pin GPIO connector
Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 3
Physical Dimensions 65mm x 56.5mm HAT form factor
Interface connectors 40 pin GPIO connector Pass-through header is provided
CSI-2 MIPI camera connector
Power Requirements 5V @ 250 mA Supplied by Raspberry Pi
Supported Video Formats Standard Definition Interlaced NTSC/PAL De-interlaced and resampled to 640×480
Video Inputs Composite Up to 3 selectable composite sources
YPbPr Component
Input Connectors 3 RCA/Phono Used for composite or component inputs
1 Mini-DIN S-Video Shared with RCA connectors 1 and 2
Status Indicators Red “ACTIVE” LED “Camera active” indicator (same as Raspberry Pi camera)
Green “RUN” LED PiCapture Ready indicator
Blue “READY” LED Video Active indicator
Yellow “PGM” LED Programming / PiVideo Control Active Indicator
4 Green LEDs PiCapture Video Processor source type / status
Video Output Format 640 x 480
Configuration Jumpers UART Select (2×2) Remove to disconnect from serial port
I2C Select (3×2) Select I2C port, or remove to disconnect from both I2C ports
Included Accessories CSI-2 MIPI interface cable
  Mounting hardware Standoffs and screws for securing the PiCapture board
Software PiVideo control software Used to manage the PiCapture video processor

PiCapture SD1 Limited Warranty

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Except as specified below, the Lintest Systems warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship. The following are NOT covered: Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, product modification, or neglect; damage occurring during shipment; damage from failure to follow instructions contained the owner’s guide; damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by Lintest Systems; damage caused by installation of parts that do not conform to Lintest Systems specifications; any claims based on misrepresentations by the seller; products sold on an “as-is” or final sale basis; or the cost of installing, removing, or re-installing the unit.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 x 3.0 x 1.25 in


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