Firmware versions

The latest PiCapture firmware is version 7.   We do not recommend updating the firmware on PiCapture unless required to resolve a specific problem.  Please use our support database if you are experiencing any issues.

Check out our distributors!

Please check our distributors for products that are currently out-of-stock here at Lintest. You can find links on our Where to Buy Page.

Support Database is Available!

Please use our support database if you have any questions about how to use PiCapture or are experiencing any problems.  You can search the database for answers to your issues, or ask a new question.  Responses to email questions may be delayed.

PiCapture is back in stock!

The PiCapture SD1 and HD1 are now in stock and available to ship.  All back-orders have been completed.

Additional stock expected

Thank you for your interest in PiCapture!  We are currently manufacturing additional PICapture SD1 and HD1 boards, and anticipate beginning to ship backorders by November 30.

PiVideo Control Software

The PiVideo control software for the PiCapture series of video capture boards has been updated.  The current version is 1.13, and it is available through the Python Package repository (PyPi). This version does not add new functionality, but solves a problem that some customers had with intermittent communication errors while the PiCapture was searching for

PiCapture HD1 is now shipping!

We are pleased to announce that the PiCapture HD1 is now shipping.  The HD1 is the only way to achieve high definition video capture up to 1080p with very low latency on the Raspberry Pi.