PiCapture using PiCaptureSd1 with openframeworks

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    I wonder if anybody else is interested in using piCapture with openframeworks? it would be a powerful combination for realtime video processing etc !
    there exists an OF addon called ofxRPiCameraVideoGrabber which provides piCamera input to OF which is a good start. Some settings are configurable through this app however the options to set the sensor-mode and awbg are not. without this the input from piCapture is mostly unusable in this context.
    I dont really understand the guts of these programs but should it be just a matter of exposing these settings ? I am willing to try and make them compatible if it is possible. raspivid and picamera which do expose these settings use MMAL whereas this seems to communicate straight to OpenMax…
    Any thoughts, pointers or insight on this challenge is appreciated !


    an update on this in case anybody in the future is interested:

    since my posting the extension for piCamera input has been reworked into a new addon called : ofxOMXCamera

    as part of this (perhaps because of my request or otherwise) the settings to set awgb have been exposed.

    after poking around the openmax docs and this repo i finally figured out how to also expose the sensor-mode setting. if you are iterested in also using this you can try my fork of the extention here : langolierz/ofxOMXCamera

    (note that although when using raspivid with piCapture you need to set md -6 , this translates to setting omxCameraSettings.sensorMode = 7; in the openframeworks extension)

    i can confirm that piCapture + openframeworks works wonderfully together now – you can see my hardware video sampler project that uses it here : r_e_c_u_r


    Thanks for posting this update – that’s great that it is working for you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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langolierzusing PiCaptureSd1 with openframeworks