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    Hi all,
    Is there a way to access the signal from the blue input indicator LED on the HD1? I would like to use the signal to write a ready message to an 8-bit LCD screen. Please let me know if you know how to read this signal via Python, command line, or C. Thanks in advance!


    The blue LED indicates that video is locked. You can use PiVideo to check the status. The command line would be “pivideo -q lock”, and you can also use the pvideo_class.py module to query the status in your program:

    import pivideo_class
    vid=pivideo_class.PiVideo() # create a pivideo object
    pivideo_port=vid.open # open it on the default port
    result=vid.lock # get the lock status
    if (result > 0):
    print(“Blue light on, video locked, camera mode = “,result)
    print(“Blue light off, no video detected by PiCapture”)

    Please see the pivideo_class.py file for more functions.


    Hi. Help me please. I have a PiCapture SP1 and I want to turn on the video preview when the video signal is active, and turn off when the signal disappears, I tried to import the pivideo_class module but I get a message saying that this module does not exist. Thank you for your patience with lamers.


    Sorry SD1


    Have you installed the PiVideo software? If you have an internet connection for your RPi, you can install it with:
    sudo pip install pivideo

    If you do not have a network connection you will need to download in install it manually as described in our documentation.


    Sorry for my english, I use Google translator.
    Yes, I installed PiVideo, the video preview works, but I want the preview to automatically turn on with the camera and turn off when I turn it off, but I’m new to programming. Did I understand correctly that this can be done by importing the pivideo_class module? But Pyton reports that there is no such module. Help me please understand this, and if possible using the sample code.
    Thank you.
    And another question. Why do I see a black and white image when I connect a component signal?
    Same with S-Video


    PiVideo has no role in the actual video transfer, it is only used for status checking and control of the PiCapture video processor.

    Are you able to run PiVideo from the command line? Please try:

    pivideo -q all

    If that works, then the pivideo_class.py file should be available in the path for your program. Alternatively, you can download the files and put them in your working directory.

    Can you access

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