PiCapture PiCapture SD1 reduces resolution to quater frame

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    I use PiCapture SD1 (first time).
    I tried capture video from two different composite camera.
    They good work on the TV (RCA input).
    There are uploaded two small video files.
    First rear view camera 656*492 (vid2.h264)
    Second night visio 720*480 (vid2.h264)
    Both video files have resolution 640×480, but
    video size taken only quater (fourth) part.
    Note: video frame was taken whole (another words all was captured).

    raspivid -w 640 -h 480 -p 0,0,640,480 -o vid.h264 -v

    Preview Yes, Full screen No
    Preview window 0,0,640,480
    Opacity 255
    Sharpness 0, Contrast 0, Brightness 50
    Saturation 0, ISO 0, Video Stabilisation No, Exposure compensation 0
    Exposure Mode ‘auto’, AWB Mode ‘auto’, Image Effect ‘none’
    Flicker Avoid Mode ‘off’
    Metering Mode ‘average’, Colour Effect Enabled No with U = 128, V = 128
    Rotation 0, hflip No, vflip No
    ROI x 0.000000, y 0.000000, w 1.000000 h 1.000000
    Camera component done
    Encoder component done
    Starting component connection stage
    Connecting camera preview port to preview input port
    Starting video preview
    Connecting camera video port to encoder input port
    Opening output file “vid.h264”
    Enabling encoder output port
    Starting video capture
    Finished capture
    Closing down
    Close down completed, all components disconnected, disabled and destroyed


    As described in the documentation, you must set the “camera mode” to match the expected video resolution. This would be mode 6 (“-md 6”) for the SD1.

    If you still have issues, please post the output of PiVideo query (“pivideo -q all -v”. It is easier to demonstrate issues with raspistill than with raspivid.


    Thank you, seem works 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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technoeasyPiCapture SD1 reduces resolution to quater frame