PiCapture How many GPIO pins are getting used by "PICAPTURE HD1"

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    I am going to use PICAPTURE SD1/HD1 board but my concern is,  I have with no GPIO pins left after connecting the “PICAPTURE SD1/HD1”.
    I need some extra GPIO pins(6 pins) so that I can connect a GSM module as well along with “PICAPTURE” in my Raspberry Board.

    So Would it be possible to use some GPIO pins after connecting the “PICAPTURE SD1/HD1” ? or this PICAPTURE is using 
    all the GPIO ?

    Kindly help if anyone have the answer.

    Thanks ,


    The PiCapture boards do not use any of the GPIO pins in normal operation – they are all available for your application. The PiCapture “HAT” provides for passthrough of the 40-pin connector so that additional boards can be simply stacked.

    If you would like to use the PiVideo software to control PiCapture, then the pins required for the chosen port (serial, I2c0, or I2c1) are used to communicate with the PiCapture processor. The jumpers on the PiCapture boards can be used to connect or disconnect these signals – please refer to the Documentation for details.


    Thanks mwlinder for the information.
    I am going to buy one for sample. If it passes my requirement , I will go for bulk order.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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amitHow many GPIO pins are getting used by "PICAPTURE HD1"