PiCapture HDMI Capture Board – Only detects/sync with camera at power on

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    I’ve just started to use the HDMI capture board. I’ve connected a Sony XR-500 camera (output is 1080i) The card only seems to work if the camera is ON and connected when the Raspberry Pi is powered up. If I connect the camera after powering on, on turn the camera off and then back on, the green LED remains flashing – no steady green or blue LED. This is a problem as the camera can go into “standby mode” where the it effectively powers down and then powers bakc up later. The board doesn’t seem to see the input again.

    PS Ignore my comments before about the strand-off screws – I just RTFM the documentation 🙂


    Could you please “query all” with PiVideo when it is in this state so we can see what the PiCapture thinks is going on? Do you have anything connected to the Component Video connectors, or just HDMI?


    Started with camera connected – pivideo showed:
    Active Video: Mode 5
    Selected ….is :auto
    Active video source is: HDMI

    Powered camera off and on:
    Still showed select source as: auto
    Active video source is: Component

    Used pivideo to select source as HDMI – and it works.

    I can get on – but does the card re-scan after losing the video source??

    Hope this helps – let me know if you need more.



    When it is in “auto” source mode, it cycles through the various inputs/resolutions. If there is nothing connected to the component input, then it should come back to HDMI and see that the input has been restored. I’m not yet why that isn’t working.

    Once you set the source to HDMI, it will not cycle through and just keep looking at that input. If the source setting is HDMI does it come back when your camera powers up?

    Does your camera support any progressive video modes? If so, it would also be interesting to try a different mode and see if it behaves differently.


    I’ve used a different camera (VG-20) which I can switch between 1080i and 1080p – The indicator LEDs show the change, but it still doesn’t seem to auto-detect with 1080p. I didn’t run an exhaustive step-by-step test. Also I need to set the fps to 60 – as I did with the Composite/Component SD capture to capture video correctly. Not sure if there was a software update I need to apply to change this?

    I will test step by step when I get time – but being able to switch using pivideo works for me.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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mike101videoHDMI Capture Board – Only detects/sync with camera at power on