PiCapture Cropped PAL Video on Picapture SD1

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    I am using Picapture SD1 FW-Verison 5 on RPI3 with Debian Stretch.
    I have followed your documentation and managed to get Video in good quality.
    Unfortunately the Video which comes from an FPV-Camera is cropped at the top. There are serval lines missing. I would estimate 10% of the upper part of the videoframes are missing.
    Could you help me with that?

    Kind Regards,

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    Yogi, the PiCapture boards are constrained to deliver video to the GPU at the same resolution as the Raspberry Pi camera. For “Mode 6” 640×480 the video is resampled horizontally and cropped vertically. Unfortunately, there is no other solution that avoids cropping.
    Many sources allow selection of PAL or NTSC formats. If this is the case for your source you might try NTSC – the is less cropping required for that format.


    unfortunately cropping is not an option for us. We are providing that signal for TV-production.
    PAL SD Video is 768×576 . Wouldn’t it be possible to upsample it to the next bigger picture and crop it then later on raspi-side? Or do an upsampling to 720i video?

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jcernyCropped PAL Video on Picapture SD1