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1080i Video Processing

We have received a request for 1080i video processing:

the reason why this is important to me is because for the longest time, EDIROL had only one high end video mixer the V440HD and it’s maximum output is 1080i, and a very popular model of camera is the SONY HDR series notably the FX1, FX7, and similar models that record to HDV tapes like the HVR-Z1U those where the cream of the crop for semi-pro’s during many years until the DSLR became the replacement with tapeless transform. My friend here in montreal is the chief production in charge of Radio-Canada and CBC stations tells me there are still a lot of uses for interlaced footage and that many countries around the world still produce content that is interlaced even for broadcast.(pretty much everywhere except north america, and large modern cities around the globe) In other to allow them to continue to use their precious gear, the mixer (Edirol V440HD) was going around 10K and the cameras i mentioned around 8K (FX7 5K) many churches and documentary producer still have a lot of equipment going around using component as the interface (YPbPr) Having a system like yours to enable them to move their workflow to a pi or even create their own solutions as DIY upgrades to capture the signal into the computer.

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