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Thank you for quick response! I think it would be great to have sleep and/or power off mode implemented. I.e. when there’s no active input signal, device go into sleep mode automatically and then wake up every second or so to check for the signal. And power-off/on mode would be very handy too if it can be controlled from the software (i.e. from pivideo).

I’ve tried to load this EDID file with pivideo (please see below), but it didn’t seem to help. Panasonic HC-V770 still negotiates to mode 6 (480p). Is there any way to enable debug messages on PiCapture HD1 card, so I can see it can give any clues?

pi@pi:~ $ pivideo –edid hd1-edid-720p.bin
pi@pi:~ $ pivideo -q all -v
PiVideo Version 1.12
Port used for video processor is: i2c1
PiCapture HD1 is ready
Active video: Mode 6
Selected video source is: hdmi
Active video source is: hdmi
Raspberry Pi camera port is not active
Frame skip is Off
Video processor firmware version: 05-85C103
Video processor hardware id: 18A4660010429880
pi@pi:~ $


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