PiCapture Color channels reversed? Reply To: Color channels reversed?

John Bassett

I ran another set of tests tonight, and the interlacing isn’t the issue.

Change of test: now using the HDMI output off a Flip UltraHD camera, 720p output. Plug it into the piCaptureHD1, it shows one flashing light, one solid (720p). According to the documentation chart, that should be mode 5. Sure enough, pivideo -q all shows mode5. So far so good.

From there, I played a video that I had recorded with the Flip. I uploaded the original here.

I also took an image with raspistill -md 5 -o testX-1.jpg, and it came out like this:

Colors are right, a little washed out, but nothing that can’t be corrected with the right settings.

I then ran the following command:
raspivid -o – -t 0 -vf -hf -fps 30 -b 12000000 -md 5 -awbg 1.0,1.0 -awb off -ex off | ffmpeg -re -ar 44100 -ac 2 -acodec pcm_s16le -f s16le -ac 2 -i /dev/zero -f h264 -r 30 -i – -vcodec copy -acodec aac -ab 128k -g 50 -strict experimental -f flv test1x.flv

The resulting video is here.

Again, note the blue and red channels appear to be reversed.

Thoughts? The version of raspivid is 1.3.12, if that helps.

John BassettReply To: Color channels reversed?