Lintest announces PiCapture

Lintest Systems is pleased to announce the PiCapture line of video capture products for the Raspberry Pi. PiCapture products fully emulate the Raspberry Pi camera, allowing capture of Standard or High Definition Video from a variety of sources.   They are compatible with any Raspberry Pi with a 40-Pin GPIO Header. Raspivid, Raspicam, and PiCam

PiVideo Software

It is recommended that you use PyPi for installation of the latest Pivideo Software. If you are installing for the first time: sudo pip install pivideo If you have previously installed an earlier version: sudo pip install ––upgrade pivideo If you do not have internet access with your Raspberry Pi, or if you do not

PiCapture SD1 Firmware version 2

Some users have reported that rebooting their Raspberry Pi without cycling power will result in MMAL errors when using PiCapture SD1.  This firmware update will resolve that issue.  There are no functionality changes in this release, and we do not recommend updating unless you are experiencing this problem.  PiCapture_SD1_02  

PiCapture Documentation

PiCapture SD1 Documentation:  Download PDF PiCapture HD1 Documentation:  Download PDF

PiCapture Firmware

PiCapture control firmware may be updated using the PiVideo software through a serial connection. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND UPDATING THE CONTROL SOFTWARE UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A SPECIFIC ISSUE WITH YOUR PICAPTURE BOARD AS DESCRIBED IN THE RELEASE NOTES.   Download Firmware